If a standard kit isn’t quite the right size for your project, you have the option to order the kit components individually to suit your needs. See the recommended amounts of paper and liquids. Click here!

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DIY Kitchen Refinishing Materials Out Of Stock

Bonding Primer Basecoat-Black


The Bonding Primer Basecoat Black is the primer used after you lightly sand and clean the area to be resurfaced.

DIY Kitchen Refinishing Materials

Paper Adhesive


The Paper Adhesive is a water based adhesive that is rolled onto the back of the painted paper so it will adhere to the Bonding Primer Basecoat.

DIY Kitchen Refinishing Materials

Plastic Paper Smoothing Tool


The Plastic Paper Smoothing Tool is required when applying the painted paper after it is pasted and applied to the surface it is used to smooth out the paper and the wrinkles as shown in the video.