2016 Kitchen Design Trends – DIY Friendly!

Tired of your old worn out laminate or wood countertop, and the cracks and damage your kitchen countertop has sustained over time? Cover them up! Yes – you don’t have to remove most surfaces to have a new one with this 2016 kitchen design trend solution! With 4 easy steps, you can have a classy, designer beautiful and DIY friendly kitchen countertop in your kitchen with one of our hand-painted paper countertops! Costly? NO! YOU can do this for a fraction of the cost of a quartz or granite countertop.

Trending in 2016 are DIY applications for beautifying your kitchen, or any other countertop surface. Granite, quartz and all stone looks are increasingly popular, and many happy home owners already know that these looks are durable and timeless in their beauty. With 4 easy steps, within 3 days, you, too, can have a brand new kitchen countertop with your Paper Countertop Transformation , giving life and vibrancy to your kitchen! Watch our short YouTube video for our easy step-by-step instructions!